About us

My name is Tiff Bierer and welcome to my shop! We specialize in vintage-inspired children’s clothing and accessories. I'm a full time mom and a part time designer. I've always had a passion for arts and crafts. I love designing and creating things with my own hands. I studied fashion designs but never felt inspired to do anything with my degree. In 2011, after my daughter, Kailyn Zoe was born, I found a new sense of inspiration and started on a whirlwind of designs, from baby quilts to baby dresses and everything between. Soon after that I started my own business, Kailyn Zoe and Company. A lot of my inspiration comes from vintage designs from the mid 1900's. The classic A-line dresses, sweetheart neckline, tulle, laces - I just love them all! Most of the designs you'll find in my collection, from headpieces to dresses, are handmade with love.